To move forward, Israel has to refocus on its original values (‘Ami Artsi עמי ארצי) (eng)

When Theodor Herzl wrote the Jewish State and fought so that it becomes a reality, he thought in this country as a shelter country for that people who has suffered so many slaughters, persecutions of all kinds, humiliations, stigmatization, … the Jewish people.

He had understood that the Jews lived according to the will and the desires of the non-Jews in the countries of the Diaspora and that they needed a country which is for them a haven of peace, a place where they would live free and masters of their own fate, without being submitted to the non-Jewish tyrannical regimes which caused them so many sufferings and traumas.

A country where they could flee the horrors that made them undergo the non-Jews for more than

2 000 years, a country where they would be at home, proud and happy, where they could finally live in peace.

What could be more natural than to think in the country which the Jews are any native ?

Theodor Herzl’s dream was the one of millions of us, and it was not only a dream: it was a vital necessity.

We do not have survived from Torquemada, Hitler, Stalin, Saddam ‘Hussein, etc. to be threatened and persecuted on our own land !

We did not return in our country to be again afraid for our lives and find us again under the yoke of the other Nations, an other one people (in this particular case, the Arabic people).

After all what we endured, after the millions of traveled kilometers, we did not return to find that at our home :

Nothing obliges us to accept it, and nobody has the right to do so.

Israel cannot be a country of refuge for the Jews if, in this country also, their lives are threatened.

In front of it, there are two manners possible to react: give up or fight.

That’s what divides the Israeli society today.

There are those who want to give up the reason of the existence of the Jewish State…

That renunciation is represented by two streams :

The total renunciation (the end of the Jewish State, advocated by the Israeli extreme left which fights for it for some, whereas others envisages it as an acceptable possibility and to live under Syrian domination, for example, raise them not any problem).

The partial renunciation (advocated by the Israeli left to favor the creation of a Palestinian State, renunciation which consists of the abandonment of territories to the Arabs among whom most of the families come from bordering countries and are not even native of the country), while noticing today that this approach is a resounding failure with the experience of the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and from some areas of Judea and Samaria, realizing that it brings not at all the peace but quite the opposite increases the insecurity of the Jewish State and the Jews who live there and threaten directly their lives.

This approach is comparable to somebody who would try to extinguish a fire with some gasoline.

The partial renunciation, it is as well what makes, in its way, the Israeli Right, not by abandoning territories (though …) nor by looking for the creation of a Palestinian State (though …) but well by having difficulty in understanding the fundamental reason of this national revival …

One part of the right thinks that Israel is a Jewish State which has to deal with difficulties because of its Jewish character which he has to assume whole-heartedly.

Another one thinks it is geula, the return of the exiles from all over the world mentionned in the Tanakh, return announcing the close coming of the mashia’h (the messiah).

But if the two parts of the right are right, both of them forget what was the fundamental origin of the dream of Herzl : to create a State refuge for the Jewish people.

Israel must to be a Jewish State refuge : every Jew who wants to settle there should be free and safe.

And all the non-Jewish people whose life is threatened (people as Salman Rushdie or Mu’ hammad Zu’ abi, etc.) and who ask for asylum will be welcomed and protected by the State of Israel.

It is the very reason of the existence of our State. To be a State refuge. Primarily for the Jews, and after for the non-Jews, according to its possibilities.

And so it will be a lighthouse for the Nations. And so it will gain all its prestige.

Now, to be a State refuge for the Jewish people and for the non-Jewish refugees whose life is threatened, is impossible if within it, a part of the population is a threat to its existence and to the people supposed to be protected by it.

Mu’hammad Zu’abi, whose life was threatened by his family because he expressed his love of Israel and condemned the terrorism and anti-israeli actions, has been sent abroad (in the U.S) to protect his life for a long time, while his family who threatened him has stayed in Israel.

It is the opposite that Israel should have done : to expel all those who represent a threat for a person as Mu’hammad Zu’abi to be able to protect people as Mu’hammad Zu’abi.

Israel counts a minority of 1 534 Muslims. On these 1 534 Muslims, according to the last statistics in date, 48 % have an unfavorable opinion of Israel and 49 % have a favorable opinion of Israel.

Of course, we can see the half empty or half full glass, the fact remains that 48 % of a population, it is huge. Imagine if, in France, 48 % of the population voted for the National Front, it would be terrible, even if Les Republicains’ party, on their side, reached up a 49 % score. The figure of 48 % is, far too high and, in the case of Israel a lot, it represents too many risks and very too heavy risks to allow the situation to continue.

To the terrorists and their ideological, financial, material, strategic supports must be applied the capital punishment (or they should be eliminated by the IDF) and to the others, the expulsion, with the exception of those with whom life is threatened.

We are not here to die, we are here to live. And as a people whom life is threatened, we’ve got the duty to help those whose life is also threatened.

It is necessary to be coherent, Israel, if it wants to be a State refuge, cannot and should not welcome the persecuted people as well as their persecutors, he cannot welcome the Jews and welcome also their enemies.

It is like to welcome men who beat women into a battered women shelter. It is irreconcilable.

It is not possible, if Israel does it, then it could not be a State refuge anymore.

If it wants to protect the persecuted people, Israel has no other choice than to expulse the persecutors (or eliminate / execute if they’re terrorists or their supports)

If it wants Jews massively come, make their ‘alyah, the situation it proposes shall be healthy, safe and peaceful.

It is not possible to it to wish that the Jews come to settle down in Israel to find, over there, the dangers they meet or can meet outside.

If it wants Jews to do their ‘alyah, it has to propose them a better life. As threatened people and native people of this land, we have a double legitimacy to stay. Not the Muslims who have it none if the latter want to destroy the Jewish State and thus to threaten the State refuge that it has to be. Only the people and the communities with whom survival is threatened must be able to receive the political asylum in Israel, not those who threatens them.

And don’t say « we cannot do it, we have, we’ve been too often expelled, had to so often left countries and houses where we lived, it is not to do it undergo to other peoples ! » because, unlike those we should expel, we have never represented any threat for whoever, you should never forget it.

And it is in the name of what we lived that we have to insure the existence of this State as haven of peace.

Don’t confuse the victims and the torturers.


‘Ami Artsi עמי ארצי

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